Kamp Koinonia 2023

Kamp is happening in 26 weeks!

The time will go by fast, so we want to make sure everyone is updated. We will do our best to provide more information along the way.

We are grateful to announce that we will be able to use the same campground as last year. Over the years, Koinonia has taken place at a variety of locations and each spot has been the blessing we needed at the time—and it looks like Table in the Wilderness will be our new home for the foreseeable future.

This particular location is a thriving facility. They are even planning on building a new cabin this spring. They are open to anyone who can help with this project either through financial support, materials, or skills.

Because of the generosity of others, we’ve been able to keep the cost down during the past several years. Regardless, an increase in the cost is inevitable and we want all of you to know the amount ahead of time so you can start planning the financial part of this right away.

This year, the cost is $300 per camper.

We certainly realize this will make it challenging for you. We also know you realize how much we wish it could be different.

But one of the ways we prove we don’t serve money is by not letting it determine out perception of the future. There will be ongoing efforts by many people to make this happen for everybody—and that includes your efforts as well.

It’s important that you start planning and saving now. Not only for yourself, but maybe for someone else who will have a more difficult time covering the cost. One of the first things you can do is sit down and make a plan. Consider what you’re using your money for right now and set aside something as soon as possible. Add to it as the weeks go by.

We also recommend you contact the leaders of your congregation for their possible support. Not only for yourself, but for others who might need help getting to Kamp.

Hyland Christian School has graciously allowed us to continue the tradition of Brainamania in order to raise support for Koinonia! This is a fund-raiser that’s basically a massive trivia game. We should know the time and location soon. And there will be other efforts as well.

In the meantime, plan on coming to Kamp! As always it will be a profound opportunity to see old friends, make new friends, and get closer to God.

Our efforts to get everyone there will make all the difference!

WHEN: July 2 – July 8

WHERE: Table in the Wilderness (just outside Centennial, WY)

THEME: “Excel Still More” (I Thess 4:1)

COST: $300

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